Hero Motocorp

Mr. Milan M. Pobaru is one of the Leading and prestigous businessmen in Jamnagar, Gujrat with his prevalent business roots in Automobile dealership, construction and education sector.

In a short span of time he has transformed all his business ventures to a top notch position, epecially in automobile dealership sector.

Early Beginnings

Mr Pobaru had started is business carrier since 1975. Along with his sudies he started the business of Petroleum products i.e. LDO, SKO lubricating oil etc. where he had record breaking sales. He had also made remarkable sales in Gujrat of MTO in the year 1991-92.

Gokul Groups

Mr. Pobaru is the authorized dealer of Hero MotoCorp Ltd. (Formerly known as a Hero Honda Motors Ltd.) which is world's no 1 Manufacturer of two wheelers. Gokul Groups was pioneer in world of Hero Honda two wheeler delership in Jamnagar, and Mr. Pobaru was instrumental in defining this space that is now defining many aspects of the automobile dealership business sector.

This firm holds two dealership showrooms in the Jamnagar and its suburbs spread in 10000sq.ft with manpower of 100 plus employees. He has achieved many records and sales targets during these decades; moreover the firm has plans for adding another unit in near future.

With seamless dedication in sales strategies and customer satisfaction he is able to create an enviable position in the Jamnagar.

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